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Thread: Remington model 7 in .223

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    Remington model 7 in .223

    Any comments good or bad on the aforesaid rifle? looking for a .223 and theres a stainless synthetic, with scope and T4 for sale locally. Looking for a shortish, lightweight rifle and a resonable price (which this certainly seems to be) Cheers for any help.

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    There a cracking rifle i have two, one ss/syn in .260 rem and one in .17 fireball in predator camo.
    The ss/synthetic came with a standard stock which on mine was floppy and not to my liking so was replaced with a h.s.precision stock.
    ask for a go on a range or field to try the grouping both mine are sub 1" at 100m
    Has it got the x-mark trigger ?

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