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Thread: well i did it, first stalk with sticks and we got him.

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    well i did it, first stalk with sticks and we got him.

    a big thank you to Anthony, Kev and mark for my first buck of the sticks.

    I must be one of the luckiest new stalkers around, i have 2 mentors and they are both great guys, i have learned so much since i got my .243.

    Mark offered me a stalk on his shoot and with my good mate Kev took me out with a particular buck in mind, so we got up nice and early on Sunday and hit the stalk, well we seen so many doe's it was unreal, but no buck for love nor money,

    so Kev and i spoke to mark and told him no joy as yet. so He said got out again and see if you can find it bob,

    Well Kev said how about tuesday night so the day was set,

    Out we went and again it seemed we would come across a lot of doe's but Kev was spot on not long on the stalk and out he came. just over the 90 yards and this was my first stalk with sticks,

    Up the sticks went and i settled down to take the shot, he took his time turning broadside, but Kev sorted that out and squeeze of he went,

    Well what can i say, i was well chuffed, liver in the fridge and the animal is in the chiller,

    once again many thanks to Anthony Kev and Mark,

    just getting better and better,

    sadly i left my camera at home as when i take it i never get anything so i left it at home and look what happened.



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    well done bob first one off sticks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cookingfat

    well done bob first one off sticks.

    thank you tony.

    and also thank you for offering to pop over with the dog mate, but as you know we managed to find him,

    hope your client had as nice a time as my good self.


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    Nice one
    always great to get your first one
    even when mixed in with a little excitment after
    that sad gut feeling is a wounder ain't it , but sure as hell know the feeling when you find it
    my first ever roe dropped on the spot but my 2nd ran nearly 70 yards into a thick wood and that took some finding but hell i was more pleased at finding that than i was shooting my first one and they were both on the same stalk, my guide was a hero that day
    well done on your success and valuable learning experience and well done to the other lads for sharing their expeirence and knowledge with you
    just one bit of advice from me

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    thank you Stone.

    i think its the best felling ever, and with Tony Kev and a good mate Darren. all i can do is get better and better,


    now with camera in my bag at all times.

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    Good job Bob! Took someone out tonight and saw a buck and 4/5 does but that Buck wasnt going to come back out.

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    I know what you mean Sako.

    the Sunday i went out with Kev for the same buck above we seen more does than i have in a long time,

    so we went back out again and bobs your uncle,


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