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Thread: Lee Breech lock challenger

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    Lee Breech lock challenger

    I'm after some advice and opinion, I am considering buying one of said kits to load my own .308 rounds. I know this is a good kit from the reviews I've read and from the feedback I've read on here. My question is, what is the difference between The Breech lock challenger kit and the 50th anniversary kit? Is one better than the other? Is one better value than the other?

    Also I know there is more to reloading than just the bullet and the case, but is there a more consistant bullet and powder than others as there seems to be a wide variance in prices? I'm aware the name comes into it a bit but would like some objective experianced views.

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    Have a look on the lee website it will tell you whats in each kit, i got the various bits individualy ie breech lock press, case trimmer ece ect ,i got lyman pro 500 scales which are supposed to be better than the lee saftey scale, however i had to take them back as they wouldnt zero but they replaced them with a new set of scales and they work great. I cant fault the lee equipment its good value for money and a good way to get into reloading. I reload 270 and my friend loads 308 with it and the results have been great, it takes a bit of time to work up a good load but its worth it, he uses varget and 130grn noslers and they are extremely accurate and consistant, there are people on here with far more reloading knowledge and it would be good to listen to there advice aswell .

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    try hendry krank i found them very helpful an prices are good

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    The Lee Breech Lock presses include a 'quick-change' system for the dies very similar to the Hornady Lock-N-Load system. The die screws into a bushing which in turn locks into the press with a quick release coupling.
    There are two advantages of the system: firstly you can change dies quicker and secondly thrre is no change in the die setting when you change dies.
    The disadvantage is that you'll need to buy separate bushings for each die you use: you can however just use the press as normal if you don'y want to use the bushing system.

    The difference between the two kits is in the priming system provided: The Anniversary kit includes the press-mounted 'Safety Primer Feed' system while the Challenger Kit uses the hand-held Auto-prime system. You're supposed to use the Safety Primer feed for pistol cartridges and the Auto-Prime for rifles: I've used both and like neither.


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    Thanks, I really appreciate the advice.

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