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Thread: Nice fallow buck last night

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    Nice fallow buck last night

    Saw this backside sticking out of the hedge last night, and then had a glimpse of him before he went into the woods, the rut has just started down here and he was keeping his eyes on the ladies in the field.

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    Nice animal,

    is it normal for the rut to be on there at this time of year?

    Where I go out after fallow in Essex and Norfolk it's usually mid to end of October.

    Nice pictures
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    they are just getting interested in the ladies, must be the warm weather

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    I saw a group of fallow bucks chasing each other about right on last nockings. Most of the bucks seem to still be in a group, but i'm sure that will change in a couple of weeks!

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