Some thing that may interest some members. I am offering the chance to take 4 different species of deer in the wild over a 4 day period on two of my leases.

These will be Fallow, Roe, Muntjac and CWD. Fallow will be doe and or pricket, Roe doe, Muntjac doe or cull buck and a doe or yearling buck CWD.

The cost includes one of each species, no trophy heads, outing fees x 8 over 4 days at 75.00 each, plus my expenses for fuel and accommodation whilst on the two areas. Signing off for level 2 is free. No charge for damaged venison on the CWD or Munty, but Fallow and Roe will be charged for if gut haunch or saddle shot.

Availability is limited due to my other commitments with clients and the hunt can only take place from November through to the beggining of March. 2 rifles at a time can be taken.

Cost is 950.00 for the 4 days.

You will need to pay for your accommodation, food and travel on top of this. Pm me for more details or any questions. This is a limited offer. If you do not secure a CWD or Muntjac cull Buck/doe you will get a 150 refund.

Thank you