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Thread: Countryside Alliance.

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    Countryside Alliance.

    Not going into the "rights and wrongs" but......just looked at my bank statement and saw they had taken out a direct debit. I am a member for insurance purpose, but put their letters in the bin!! To my horror, when I rang, the ( I must say, very nice and polite) person at the end of the line, said they had wriiten twice to say they were going to take a "one off" donation!!! Apparently I should have got in touch to "opt" out. Anyone else had this nice surprise. Am now definately going to change insurers....taking the p*ss I would say!!!

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    The cheeky *******s! Bet they'd didn't write once. I'd get on the phone asap and ask to speak to the man in charge. Tell them you had ABSOLUTELY no notice that a "donation" was going to be taken and that if they don't refund your money legal action will be sought!

    Good thing I never gave them my bank details!!! What would have happened if say you had gone over your limit due to them ?

    Just wondering how much did they take mate ? God that's even annoyed me! opt out my arse. Opt in is what it is. Can't just go taking money out of people's accounts! Bloody ridiculous!

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    Especially since CA's latest outbursts on TV promoting them as anti -hunting etc...


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    I would be suprised if they are allowed to do that without your authority. I would check with your bank and ask them as well. They may have used the Gift Aid scheme, but even so it s a bloody cheek. I for one would be straight on the phone and asking them to return my stolen money


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    Shame on them
    Watch they dont send the boys round when you cancel your subscription

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    They cannot prove proof of delivery of said letters of notification unless it was registered delivery. Therefore they must return the sum upon your instruction.

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    I had the letter, and they said they were going to take a one off donation but I cancelled my direct debit before they took the money, then contacted them and made sure they understood that I would not be renewing my membership with them,

    I'm sure you can ask for the money to be repaid into your account


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    Just out of curiosoty, how much did they take? I am a member and want to have a look to see if they've done me as well. I have always refused donations in the past but it never occured that they could take one without consent

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    They took £15.00. Have rung and they said they would refund.

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    Iím sure the letter said that if you didnít contact them to say DONíT TAKE IT they would take it,
    By not contacting them you had consented to them taking the money


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