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Thread: CIC Trophy Measuring - Midland Game Fair

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    CIC Trophy Measuring - Midland Game Fair

    May I just let members know that the CIC team will be at the Midland Game Fair this weekend, hosted in the BDS Tent.

    From the number of enquiries receieved it looks as if it will be a busier than usual weekend, so please get your heads in early!

    We look forward to seeing you there,


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    Tony sadly wont be at the fair this weekend too busy with last pheasants going out
    prob not a bad thing if your team is going to be that busy .
    I have a couple of nice heads that i need measureing I will bring them down to you shortly
    only a few miles from you will ring to make an appointment first
    regards pete .

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    How much do you charge to measure a head?
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    As below.

    Best wishes,



    easurement, Certificates and Medal
    Roe, Muntjac, CWD and Wild Boar 30.00
    Red, Sika, Fallow and Goat 40.00

    Measurement only
    Roe, Muntjac, CWD and Wild Boar 15.00
    Red, Sika, Fallow and Goat 25.00

    Measurement not making medal category - no charge

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    And remember ladies and gentlemen that is an official International scoring done by approved CIC measurers.
    Sadly the old master the late G.Kenneth Whitehead is no longer with us.


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    Went Saturday .Had a silver munty scored 60.4 and silver roe scored 124.8 chuffed

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    Just found out my dog chewed, sun bleached head from last year still scored gold!!

    Im chuffed to bits
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    I had a malform roe make 104 surely another beauty point could have been found from somewhere to make a man very happy. Oh well, it's still a beauty to me!

    And if I remember rightly, stag1933 showed me a head of his that k whitehead measured and missed a medal by less than a point, which must have been harder to bear!


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    Aye, this was the one, a symetrical 8 pointer shot in 1963 . 104.35 CIC points.
    Kenneth said that it would have been a good Bronze if I had not been so savage with the saw.
    I never cut a potential medal skull again !
    Let the CIC deduct the statutory 90 gramms for the uncut scull element.

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    My Bosses first ever muntjac missed Gold by 0.1 of a point, when I measured it I made it 0.2 short so I thought that it was worth having it done officially just in case my tape had shrunk a little...ever the optimist! Glyn.

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