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Thread: Knife sheath required

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    Knife sheath required

    Hi guys
    i recently bought the deer hunter twin knives that are offered on classifieds on here
    they are a pair of belters for the money but I found the bigger one to be hit of a Rambo knif in my wee hands!!!!
    i love the wee one it works size wise for me on rabbits & roe
    but..... I don't fancy hauling the pair of em round


    Does anyone have any ideas or know anyone on here who could supply a sheath for the wee knife out the pair? Doesn't have to be fancy or leather .... Although would have leather

    Just looking for a functional sheath to cover the blade so I can cart round in my pocket


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    Try Dougster on here.

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    I make a few sheaths too, amongst several other offerings

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    These are the ones I had made for my knife set, I didn't like the 'cloth' sheath and didn't like the idea of having two knives in one sheath.

    These were made by Barefoot Leather at 20 a pop and done in less than a week.
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