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Thread: Hello From Scotland

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    Hello From Scotland

    Hi, I'm Oresai and have just joined. I'm not actually a stalker! I'm a solo animal hide tanner, living and working in north west Sutherland on the John Muir Trust Estate.
    I joined to make a possibly unusual request.
    I'm finding it nearly impossible to source fox pelts here, and wondered if anyone who also hunts foxes might be willing to sell me full fox pelts (or even full foxes, frozen then posted)?
    I can pay 20 per fox.
    I'm asking this because I'm learning taxidermy and need practice pelts.
    Hoping I haven't offended anyone.

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    I could send you plenty of foxes mate {saw 7 in two fields recently} the problem is posting them. . my understanding is Royal Mail wont allow animal remains through the post.

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    This is true, although being honest I have had some friends in the past over the Border post me frozen foxes, newspaper wrapped then double wrapped in thick taped plastic and boxed up.
    Not sure how much couriers would charge if they were carried like frozen or chilled foods.

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    You can send bits of animals through the post but they must go First Class Post and be marked Pathological Specimen. They must be securely sealed in waterproof material surrounded by absorbent material and another waterproof packing and then well secured cardboard box. Vets post specimens regularly.

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    Welcome to the site, and good luck with your wants.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks for the replies, and for the clarification on posting, Morena.

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    Hi, I am a fox catcher down here on the West coast of Scotland. I shoot on average some 60-80 foxes a year. We manage them pretty well so most foxes are in prime condition. Normally I supply a fozen skinned pelt from the mid waist to and incl the the head and tail to a similar chap in Yorkshire who also pays my p & p. He tends to take them only during the winter as this is when you get the best pelts to work with. If of any interest please drop me an email or call: 07967 967018. Cheers Peter

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    Loafcottage, I've pm'd you re the foxes. If anyone else isn't averse to freezing, then posting me up a fox (with head, feet and tail intact) it would be very much appreciated. Please just say how much you want for it, and postage.

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