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Thread: red deer rut

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    red deer rut

    Hello Guys,

    went out fishing yesterday with a friend near Doune.Heard a couple of stags roaring in a forest in the afternoon.I think it is quiet early.Any signs of the rut starting early this year?


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    I hope they have started i am up that way tomorrow on the stags.

    Fingers crossed

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    i seen a red yesterday morning thrashing about. I had contemplated how good it would look as a nice roast but i never had a decent shot at it, Theres alway next time!

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    Going up to Loch Rannoch for the stags with 5 friends at the end of the month.Hoping for a great week.

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    Just back in, four stags roaring good style. Belgian guest shot big old 9 pointer that was roaring back and forward to 10 pointer.
    First stag heard on Tuesday then nothing until tonight however that is still early for here.

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    Stag, roaring in a park down south last couple of days. Very early, much earlier than last year.

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    hope they start soon as my ground seems to have nothing but hinds on it,been up 5 or 6 weekend since season started and seen 1 and couldn't get a the quicker it starts the better chance i've got getting a stag.its driving me off my head that cant see any

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    the red rut started up here on the north coast last weekend (2 weeks earlier than I have ever seen) there are stags holding hinds and plenty of wollowing and roaring going on it should make the rest of the season interesting!!

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    Here the big stags are moving out in search of hinds, younger animals still in groups and just the odd roar, meanwhile the sika are rutting well already, plenty of whistling, wallows, scrapes etc even though the weather has not really been that cold.

    ATB wallace

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    Wallace there is no sign of the stags with me yet, plenty of hinds but no stags and the sika are not whistling either. The good lady heard one whistle in the week when she was feeding the birds in the morning other tha that nothing.
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