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Thread: Bushwear Pnather Package

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    Bushwear Panther Package

    Bought a few months back, used a few times. Shooting needs have changed a bit and permissions have highseats on them now. Looking to make some space under my stairs. Has extension and legs (Not taken out of canvas bag) all in Excellent condition, a bit of paint off here and there. One of the cheap plastic covers on the extension cracked. Have a look on Bushwear for pictures and details.

    225 collection only - any inspection welcome.
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    200 - save a 99 on new

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    Mutley which part is cracked looked at bushwear site and can't work it out.

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    I take it the part that is cracked is one of the extensions feet covers if thats what it is and I can think of nothing else ? then no worries I own one of these high seats and can only say they are excellent!!!!!!!!!

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    Can't believe this hasn't been snapped up by someone - excellent product at a very keen price.
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    It is just a plastic cover, its still in place, its of no consequence to operation of seat

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    Another pm sent!

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    i sent a pm two days ago no reply yet??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    i sent a pm two days ago no reply yet??
    My apologies, have had a few PM's about this and the Scope I had for sale, my reply to you got lost along the way somewhere. I am not in the habit of not replying to PM's.

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