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Thread: Harvest

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    Wheyyy harvest finished.....................oh well get the drill out and start again
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    I should have taken a photo....three JD's pulling a combine off one of the fields earlier this week. Up to its axles. About 18% in the wheat at best and not able to get to about 20% its so sodden.
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    No the feeling 30 years helping with the harvest 1st time had to pull a bailer out
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    its alright for some only half way into the wheat


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    Wheat now finished only took two sessions to do 500 acres with three class lexions they are now baling and stacking and hunt coming on Monday so all that's left is cultivations drilling and that dam horrible per emergence spray somewhere between that I must liberate the partridge !!!!!!!

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    All harvest in and tilling of the land has started with earnest, must get out foxing as much as possible before there's no stubble left! Had one tonight though!
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    Been doing a bit of mobile milling and propcorning and most of the grains are that small I am having to grind it otherwise it was coming straight through. Did some wheat today and it was about a third of the size of normal wheat but the barley was bigger but not much in it.

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    we finished harvest on the 10th and had all the rape drilled by the 11th

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    Finished linseed on Wednesday night - father in law who is 89 cannot remember a wetter summer but generally combining went ok. All rape in and thinking about redrilling some because of slugs. You know what we could do with a rain down here.
    Believe or not I got a fox with the combine in a field of wheat. It just turned and run onto cutterbar. Just stopped in time before it got onto front auger. Reversed back and finished it off. As they say nothing runs like a Deere

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    Our ground finished on Sat, have shot quite a few foxes over the last week but at least 6 more to get. Lots of ducks about.


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