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Thread: M03 Africa Barrels Wanted

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    M03 Africa Barrels Wanted

    If you have an M03 barrel gathering dust let me know. Thanks JP

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxtich View Post
    What cal you after
    - Send me a PM with what you have

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    Sorry its just MO3 .223 Standard and not Africa but fired less than 75 rounds.

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    Thanks for the offer. .223 no good to me. But some one should snap it up.
    I am Looking for .308 , 300.

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    Not sure if your still looking for an M03 Africa barrel, but I have a .300 win mag that id be happy to part with.


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    Hi Rob, what would be looking for it?


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    mine has had minimal use, under 250 rounds, so id part with it for 550 and I'm happy to RFD it

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    Feel free to make me an off on this .300 win barrel if anyone is still interested

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