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Thread: Diggle for a day.

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    Diggle for a day.

    Had only seen Fallow Doe's on the ground this week, so gave up in favour of waiting a little longer to go back & visit when the cover is down more, Anyway, I was lucky to be offered an empty seat over to Diggle ranges, A great chance to shift some of that stuff from the back of the storage I thought!.. Impressed by the facilities on site, & a cornucopia of target distances & types, The old Finnbear .270 gave some ragged hole groups, @ 100 yds zeroing, with Ramshot Magnum @ 60 grains under Partition 130's, a little on the sedate side @ Av 2700fps, ex spread 12. Nosler solid base 130's,similar. Howa 7mm W.S.M., 69.3 grains Ramshot Magnum, under A max 162's, gave ragged hole groups, @ 100yds zeroing, followed by some loads of 63 grains N165, clover leaf with same bullets @ 100yds zeroing, then used these same 7mm W.S.M. loads to thrash the steel plates on the 400 yard box, even managed to knock some down & out with the .223, shooting 69 grain Nosler's over 24.5 grains N140, great to have such a cracking range complex completely to ourselves, tumbler is now having to eat through around 200 + empties!, loads quoted are safe in my firearms, please do not copy directly. Now where did I put those scales?
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    That can't be a bad way to spend a honeymoon

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    Mr wiggley needed a rest

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