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    bits for sale

    Hi, i have a couple of bits and bobs for sale, i have a mint Tipton Delux Carbon Fibre cleaning rod, this is a superb benchrest quality rod with super smooth bearing handle and a 44" long shaft so will clean the longest of barrels (i have used it to clean my 30" long custom 7mm Rem Mag which i have now sold). This is a great rod and an absolute bargain at 30+5 postage.

    I also have a (genuinely used once) Lyman Pro 1200 tumbler and media for sale this one is a uk 230v model and again a bargain at 50+5 postage.
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    PM sent about tumbler. Thanks Paul

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    Tumbler now sold to 1st Pattern Paul, thanks for a very smooth sale. Tipton rod still for sale, this is a top quality rod suprised no one has snapped it up yet!

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