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Thread: Scottish Hind cull assistance

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    Scottish Hind cull assistance

    Hi there,

    I would like to spend a couple of weeks in Scotland helping with the hind cull somewhere. I have done a season as a gillie on Conaglen estate many moons ago and would like to assist with the hind cull in October-November. Obviously there will be no cost to whoever wants my help, providing my own transport, food, ammunition and rifle. I would like to stay in a Bothy on the estate if possible but can probably sort out local B & B. Quite happy dragging and galloching most of the time as long as I get to spend plenty of time on the Hill. A bit of stalking would be nice though! A reasonable shot and fine selecting out old hinds.

    I'm 37 and fairly fit plus can drag a big hind a fair distance; also I'm fine with all sorts of ATV and have used ponies if needed. Can help with any other types of shoot or farm work to be useful while Iím there.


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    Good luck with that, the last time I tried this approach on someones recommendation, the estate said "yes, no problem, it will cost you £250 per day " !!!! that was just before the DCS assisted them in making there numbers cause they weren`t shooting enough.

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