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Thread: Mates first fallow

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    Mates first fallow

    had a mate down from Wales for a everning stalk, I put him onto three big bucks, but he was shaking so much after the first shot that he only took one shot, it went 79kg dressed out, skin on, rifle was a BSA CF2 in 270.

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    That's a cracking introduction to Fallow

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    Congratulations, a cracking head!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Very nice that would make a nice rug.

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    A beauty! They always look their best Pre Rut i think.
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Very handy looking Buck... and a bonus for a first

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    Awesome, I would be very pleased with that...

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