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    MYM S/S Moderator

    Anyone seen/tried/got one of these? Waiting to get the full spec back from border barrels, but if a similar size and weight to the T8 they look like a good proposition.

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    Not sure who, but someone recently told me that they are essentially a copy of the T8.

    May be bull, but the story is that they are manufactured 'locally' for Border Barrels by someone who brought their homemade moderator in on order to mate it with his new rifle. They were impressed by the quality of the workmanshp and design and contracted the work.

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    Seemingly they weigh in at 800 grams or so, sounds a bit heavy for what I'm looking for.

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    I have seen one, the y look good and it is just a T8 in SS.


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    Sorry for the late reply to this thread. I worked with mick for 10 Years so know his exacting standards.
    I have one of his mods in 243win and does a great job. It's been on my Parkerhale midland 2700 for over 5years now and also had the effect of improving group size changing a light stalker into a tack driver.

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    I currently use one on a custom built 6.5x47 lapua. It seems very well built, i wouldn't say it's the quietest mod on the market but it's certainly not the worst either. If i was buying again i would go back to an ASE Utra Jet Z.

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