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Thread: Old sika warrior...

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    Old sika warrior...

    it was saturday morning when i arrived at my ground,it was still black dark so i waited in the car for a while,the wind direction was'nt great,and it was a bit drizzle and damp.which is perfect sika weather.i set off down the bog towards the wood,when i bumped a hind and calf and she squeeled the hole way down to the wood.on any other day i would have turned around and went some where else,but i decided to give it ago because the rut was just about to start into posesion,stick out gun up and waited,i brought one of my sika calls with me just incase.??i spotted 2 rutting stands close by,they were fresh and he had just started to use a good spot to start...i waited 20 min and decided to give a whistel...the responce was emediate with a defening squell about 50 yard into the wood.the hair on the back of my neck stood up..i said to my self here we go..waited for 10 min and gave another call..but he was'nt intrested,it is still to early for thinges to kick off yet..the weather still is'nt cold enough..i gave it another 40 min just on the off chance something came out, nothing did...the thing to remember is not to over do it with the whistel this early in the rut..i packed up and went back home for a kip ready for round 2......

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    round 2
    i met up with a mate and decided to go to another area for an evening stalk,we were a bit late getting to the was just after 7 and we had a 20 walk into the we set off at a good pace,when we got there i had a scan with the bino's on the fields bordering the wood,was a bit disapoined not to see even a hind and calf usual the wind was'nt great,so we decide to keep our distance from the main wood infrount of us,which made for a long shot if an animal appeared,we had a bit of clear fall down under we got into position benind a small tree and started to set up..when stuart looked over at me and said dont move there is a big stag just after walking out of the clearfell..i looked over my shoulder and there was a big sika about 70 yards away just in frount of us..i waited for him to start feeding before i moved and then gun straight on the sticks,safety off and i said to my self when he lifts his head up,i will take him..a second later the 270..140g sst was on its way and the stag was first of the year...we went down to drag him out,he was a very old animal well past his best,his antlers were well gone back, he had no teeth left and he had a stump on this left back leg..a good cull animal and i also blooded my new h s precision rifle,which i was more than happy about..don't worry lee and john i am keeping all the big trophy heads for

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    Well done Mark,good account,i must admit to being more than just a bit jealous of all you guys getting ready for the sika rut.... im off moose hunting next week so its not all bad..... good luck..

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    pm sent mark

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    Nice one Mark, like you say he was a good one to take.

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    Well done Mark,
    A great write up and the very best of luck with your new rifle,


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