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Thread: First test for "ALBA"....

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    First test for "ALBA"....

    Hi everybody!
    Yes, I know, its another story from a German bloodhound holder, yes I know, to some of you our training techniques and testings sound and look different, but that is the way we are trying to reach the best performance with our dogs, under our conditions..... I dont want to start another discussion about it, but I want just to tell you about our successful weekend:

    As some of you may have read, I am training a young Schwarzwälder Schweißhund (Black forest blooodhound, check for details...), called "ALBA". I had a long and hard time to decide for a breed to go for, after my "Anton" passed away and I needed a proper replacement.... The friends from our regional bloodhound group (everybody can call us, we try to track down the animal for free), who were really after me to get a new dog as soon as possible, pushed me towards a Hannoverian, because one thing we do realize is, that the animals we are after are getting bigger! The average size of animals to track, mainly red, fallow and of course an awful lot of boars is getting bigger.... So we do need stronger dogs, faster ones and maybe even more "agressive" ones...
    Because some friends from the VEREIN HIRSCHMANN, the Hannoverian holders club, told me about some problems this breed was having at that time, I looked for another breed and ended up with this "new breed"..... I had seen some of these dogs and was deeply impressed about their perfomance, so this was the one to go for!

    After getting my puppet, first we had a hard time with "ALBA", she was so hard to train and behaved like s.... !

    OK, now I believe to be on the right way, but I was still a bit nervous about her doing the test this weekend...
    I work and train her hard only with the scent shoes and very little drops of blood to show me from the first day on, so I wasnt sure, if should work a track produced by dragging a dead boar.

    This test is "easy": The dog, on a long leash, has to do a "cross search", cross the track, point it out, follow it and get released after a notice from one of the judges to follow the track on its own. When getting to the boar, which is fixed and looks like getting ready to run out of the brushes, another judge strats to get the boar "alive" with moving it by dragging different ropes around the boars head and body.
    Now the judges look for the performance of the dog:

    Is it attacking the boar, biting it?
    Is it afraid and takes off, back to the holder?
    Does it start barking?
    Does it need any kind of support from the holder?
    When the dog is working good on the boar, the holder has to fire a shot to "drop the boar". The new reaction of the dog after the shot is also judged...
    Then the dog gets the first checking for its appearance, body, teeth, etc. ..

    Attachment 19232OK, we were 6 dogs and holders, some visitors, a lot of judges and got awful hard rain. I had to start as no. 5...
    I saw all kinds of performances from the 4 dogs before it was our turn, none was the "perfect" one....

    Then we got to start, I was so nervous, I believe "ALBA" could feel it through the leash and smell my swet....
    First Alba didnt show any interest to the track, it was much more interesting to check the lovely countryside, the judges, the visitors or whatever she got on her small brain....
    Then a short crossing the track, and we were on it.....
    Attachment 19229
    After getting her of the leash, she took a slowly walk to the boar. Everybody expected her to start barking but nothing happened.
    Then one judge said: "Look, she cant bark, her mouth is filled...."- She was already biting the boar in the ears, so the judge had some problem to get it moved!
    ALBA was fighting the boar, and after it got "free" she started barking! PERFECT!!
    She didnt react on the fired shot, stayed with the boar and showed a great performance..
    We got the highest rates and points for the day!
    Also the body check turned out to be a good one, so after all, we were the best team of the day!
    Attachment 19230

    The judges told me to concentrate my training on the next test in spring 2013 and dont let her work already "real" tracks, because she will learn to determine a "real" track and a "man made" scent shoe track....
    I am not sure yet, after all I want to get a hunting / tracking dog, not a test dog....
    But because I want to breed her one time, maybe it was a good and right advice? Who knows, first of all - I am so proud of her!
    Attachment 19231
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Excellent work Michael and well done alba!! I'm off to Belgium to collect my new dog in two weeks Im really looking forward to it !!!


    Regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hello Michael.
    Congratulations to you both. A job well done.Your'e making me nervous now!!.
    Regards Widu.

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    Congratulations with the result and with the chosen breed. For a while I look with a certain intrest at this "created" breed. I even considered to go and have a look at the breed in Luxemburg. There seems to be a man strongly involved in the breed. This breed seems to have slightly more leg, wich will make them quicker and more moveable in case of a close encounter with a boar.
    Regards from Belgium.

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    I look forward to seeing what you think to "Digby" on the CWD in January

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    Nice one mate, pleased for you I know the "fun" you have had with her (don't mention the chair again )

    See you Saturday If I haven't got lost in the mountains by then

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    Excellent work Michael and well done alba!! I'm off to Belgium to collect my new dog in two weeks Im really looking forward to it !!!


    Regards, Jez
    what breed are you getting
    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    Great write up mate and very well done and sounds like they have got everything set up just right over there.

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    Good work Alba, and well done Micheal, I can only imagine how happy you must be! Great write up!

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    Wildboar, congratulations! What were the issues with the Hirscmen?

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