Hi everyone
When i started my deerstalking a couple of months ago i was told to get the best binos i could.Not wanting to spend a great fortune i looked at a few twitcher sites for some guidance and they were comparing these to some well known makes in 1000 bracket.Anyway i took the plunge and ordered a pair in 8x43 they were on offer 270 from harpers photographic,they came with a nice case and comfortable neck strap.The image to me through them seemed absolutley awesome they really are crisp and bright excellent definition and colour,probe really well into cover also.My only bug bear is the front lens covers which are soft flip down are only held by soft rings around the body and i lost one but found it again so i put an elasticated hair band around both and through the bodys job done.I cant compare them to more expensive ones myself but i think if youre looking for some reasonably priced quality optics theyd be worth a look at.