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Thread: Huntin in Europe and Scandinavia. Are you ready?

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    Huntin in Europe and Scandinavia. Are you ready?

    Its that time of the year again when many UK stalkers will travel to Europe and Scandinavia to hunt. For a hunting trip to shoot boar ,moose or what ever your quarry. Its likely it will cost you 1500 minimum. It may also be a once in a life time hunt.
    So what preparations do people make before their trip? Do you make any preparations or just hope to wing it.
    As much of the hunting for boar and moose is driven how many bother to practice on the running boar,deer range?
    Even if it is driven game many shots are be taken at slow moving or stationary game. But what if the trophy bull moose or gold medal boar suddenly appears going full speed do you think your up to taking the shot when you have only shot at stationary game in the UK?
    Do people think about the ammo they will use. How many buy or reload a box of premium ammunition.
    How many buy a book or look up information about the quarry they are hunting or study the moose clock or where the vital organs are in quarry.
    When I first hunted moose in 1985 I did have a bit of practise on the running deer range at Bisley and reloaded Nosler partitions for the hunt. I realised when I got here that more practice would not have gone amiss. I did shoot a good bull though.
    I go down the running moose range every week end from the end of July until the beginning of October and shoot about 500 rounds. Whilst this may be a bit OTT when the big bull moose runs by me he will be dead. I shoot that much because practise is always good and its good fun.
    It dos surprise me, even here in Sweden how many turn up at the range the week before moose hunting and shoot to a level that just get them to the minimum level required of there hunting team.

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    Other way round for me this year, I have 7 groups from Finland hunting over the coming autumn and winter with me, starting on Red Stag and Sika Stag in 2 weeks.

    Following this 2 groups in October for Fallow bucks on the rut, then groups every month for Fallow, Roe, CWD and Muntjac. Bisy winter ahead and looking forward to meeting new people.

    Good hunting to you for the coming winter.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Interesting thread.

    Personally I have only ever done one european hunt. Before I went I did not think about any of the above, I just packed my rifle and went.

    I am not one to over think things

    Over the course of the weekend I managed to drop 12 red deer and a wild boar. I only fluffed 2 shots (complete misses).

    This year I am off for 2 days driven boar and roe in Germany with a well known hunter and I am very much looking forward to it. That said he has told me I am going to be on a stand where they wont be motoring past at a million miles an hour.

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    Yes I practice in denmark and germany at the cinema, ammo is always bonded and heavy.
    I have 4 hunts planned in 2 months, x2 finland and x2 sweden.
    The last 2 trips have a few places left.
    Practice days will be held again in denmark next year also.

    good luck to you all.

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    Always practiced for boar hunts by blanking in tyres and rolling them down a hill, good fun and gets you swinging as they pick up speed and start to bounce.

    Start of the moose season for me next tues here in Norway, cant wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nell View Post
    Always practiced for boar hunts by blanking in tyres and rolling them down a hill, good fun and gets you swinging as they pick up speed and start to bounce.

    Start of the moose season for me next tues here in Norway, cant wait...
    Ha ha ha! That sounds great but which poor devil gets to take them back up the hill?

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    I practice all year long on the club range and shooting bolting bunnys with the .444 .I also reload my own ammo and am also learning a few words of Croat .


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    I want piggies...

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    I want moosey!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    good point...... actually! a moosey and piggy and whitetail and jackal and a turkey..... that would be nice

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