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Thread: What price for shooting Grouse

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    What price for shooting Grouse

    What is the cost of shooting walked up and driven Grouse, per brace this season in Scotland please.

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    I think the old adage applies here: "if you have to ask you cant afford it"!

    depends entirely on where you go and what you want to do
    40-160 per brace if you search through guns on pegs you will get a better idea

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    Thanks Brewsher, the reason I ask is curiosity, as I have just returned from a week walking up as a guest with my HWVs..I couldnt agree more with the old adage.

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    160 a brace for driven here.
    You need deep pockets.


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    Wildfowler 1, lucky you being able to take part in a walked up day or two...... I have two HWVs and have always wanted to see how the breed fair in such an enviroment. If you don't mind me asking how did you get the chance to do it?

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    I belive I saw in Fieldsport quaterly magazine, they were advertising for driven grouse on the 13th August this year for upwards of 15,000 in advance.... Not sure how big the days were but it made me look a few times and check I wasnt going mad!!
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Yes driven grouse is not cheap but you need to look at the costs involved in putting on a day

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    + 1 bogtrotter
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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    80 a brace for walked up, 150 a brace for driven (plus vat). Pointers, additional 150 - 200 a day.

    To be honest, the price hasn't shifted much in the last few years, fuel has! So estates are taking a wee bit of a hit on the price. Plenty folk are paying 35 + vat for a scabby pheasant!

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    Thanks for your input everybody just what I needed

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