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Thread: Another Rusting T8 Victim

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    Another Rusting T8 Victim

    Looks like I have fallen fowl to the T8 Rusting Welds issue. Mod less than a year old, already had one replaced prior to this.

    Pictures are not great as only have phone camera with me but two holes and one that looks like it will form soon.

    Call due to Jackson Rifles tomorrow, might see if I can swap to a Ase mod rather than the T8

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    I have to say I have had similar problems with two T8's, although it does not appear to cause any issues at present. I bought mine from Finland, which is where they are made, for a lot less than you would pay over here. It appears to be a common trait with T8's.


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    Just been looking at the Utra Northstar mod, stainelss steel so should be less of an issue.

    Anyone use one?

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    did you WD40 the outside of the moderator before you took it out for the first time, the parkerising is porous to hold the oil or provide a base for a paint coating? i've had 3 reflexes and its only happend to 1 of them, which i didnt oil but painted it when it was a few months old (mind you 1 is only a couple of weeks old ).

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    Yes, oil regularly and never stored on the rifle. The rusting looks to come from the inside out as well.

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    Hi Jerry
    Get a ASE Jet Z compact , bloody good mod.
    My mate had a T8 and corroded out on markd the barrell


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    jonathon also got the jet z compact very pleased with it
    over at a mates last weekend hes got a reflex also rusted

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    My oldest t8 is 6years old and fired at least 5000 rounds with no trouble, I've also seen some go in a year with very few rounds.
    It seems to be done to luck as I never take my old one of the rifle and only ever spray it with oil if it's wet!!!

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    Yeah, get an Ase Northstar. Ive got one and its brilliant and half the size of a T8.

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    I have had my T8 for 2 years and fitted a neoprene sleeve from the start so had no problems.

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