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Thread: staffordshire stocks info wanted

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    staffordshire stocks info wanted

    Im looking for info on this company

    i am after a stock for my cz452 style 17hmr, if they are any good and reasonably priced i may even put one on my .243 so any info cheers

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    my mate has the mr1 on his 17 and its very very heavy,

    other than that the build seems ok, the quality seems ok and hes happy ( even more so when its being used and carried around on the door of my truck,

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    do u know the final cost as i find things have hidden costs and adverts never tell the final price mate

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    i had the first stock he ever did for a CZ action on my old rimmie, was heavy but superb work wish i wasnt skint when i sold it as i miss it
    7mm-08 of course!

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    I've got an M1 tactical on order for my Steyr pro hunter. The basic stock is as quoted but when you add full bedding service, butt spacers, movable cheek piece and any other bits of furniture it begins to mount up. It's worth contacting Danny as he is mega helpful and has some nice stocks. Visited last week and he is finishing off a customers 223 pro hunter and it shot 3 bullets in one hole at 50 yards. I'll try and post some pics of the one he is currently finishing.

    I do however agree very heavy. I can't comment on the sporter and varmint models.

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    It might be worth having a look at these guys;

    I've not had a stock from them yet and don't know anything about their history etc. However, they had a stand at the Midland Game Fair last weekend and I had a good chat.

    You can pick the style of stock you want from their range and can mix and match features from the different models. They send it to you unfinished, so some sanding and finishing is needed. They say that the stocks are 90% inlet and that some final fitting is needed, but not much. The upside of this is their stocks are a few hundred quid cheaper than the finished ones. Rimfire ones start at just over 200. They have an expanding library of action templates and say that if they haven't got one for your rifle you can send your existing stock and they'll use that to machine the replacement.

    I've got no connection with the firm and have no experience of them as a customer. However, I was impressed with the examples of their work at the show. They had several centre fire and rimfire actions mounted into their stocks, plus their different designs in numerous colours of laminate. They measured a stock for a mate of mine who has long fingers and needs a replacement for a standard Sako 85 synthetic stock . I will probably order one for my Finnfire.

    If you don't mind a bit of work finishing these guys could save you some money.


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    Quote Originally Posted by exmarksman9870 View Post
    Im looking for info on this company

    i am after a stock for my cz452 style 17hmr, if they are any good and reasonably priced i may even put one on my .243 so any info cheers
    Boyds do some laminate ones for you action I rate them highly about 130 delivered iirc staffs stocks are 400+

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    I nearly sent my rifle away and had a stratfordshire stock made,all singing and dancing stock,would of been best part of 800,I had the turbo pack up on my car so it didn't go ahead

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    I too looked in to one of their stocks for my T3 as they are very local to me. When it was all worked out, I could have bought a new rifle in a AICS stock - so opted for the GRS stock instead - no regrets there, fantastic stock out of the box and handles superb.


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