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Thread: Chance Blown

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    Chance Blown

    Went up for a look on one of my permissions last night hoping to come face to face with a Buck I'd seen last time home. Due to the wind direction I decided I'd stalk the long way round before entering the wood on the west side, getting to one of the many ditches on the ground I stopped and had a look through the bino's. I spotted 4 deer out feeding in the stubble, Doe, 2 x kids and a button Buck (I think)chancing his hand!!! I watched them for a good while as I always do just to try and learn a bit more about these beautiful beasties!!

    Anyway decided to leave them to it and cut back into the wood, half way through I see movement in the tree's where the deer usually lay up. All I could do was hit the deck and try and set up the sticks and get the rifle on without being sussed, haha no chance he was on me to within 10-15ft before I knew it. Well to say he got a shock was an understatement, me crouched with the rifle on the sticks not at all ready and him almost walking right into me, needless to say he bolted but he did stop the other side of the trees, I had the cross hairs on his head at about 50-60yards but it wasn't the shot I was after to be honest so left him to move on, there was no safe shot through the thick of the branches etc to take a chest or neck shot so it was his lucky day!!. He looked to be a decent buck with a bonnie heed but hard to say in all the commotion!!! I think I may have had a touch of the old Buck fever

    We shall cross paths again of that I'm sure!!!

    Rgds Bryan

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Wish I'd had a pound for every time I'd done something similar.

    ...but he'll come.


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    I recall reading somewhere that the bucks you remember in your dotage are the ones that got away!

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    Good on your Bryan.

    Heym spot on as far as I'm concerned - it's the ones you don't shoot that figure large in the tapestry of hunting memory.
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