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Thread: 6.5 x 47 Bits

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    6.5 x 47 Bits

    Hi All

    Going to be re-barrelling my Sako 75 in 6.5x47 in a few weeks time so by End october hopefully I will have back my re-proofed new toy

    As such I am on look out for a set of Re-Loading Dies & Brass

    Any suggested loads greatfully received too

    Thanks let me know what you've got

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    Hi from Colwyn Bay.A good choice of calibre but what bullets are you going to use?For fox I use 95 grain Hornady with 37.5 grains of varget-not the fastest but neither a barrel burner.For target 123gn lapua scenars with 38.5 of the same powder-as usual start 10% lower and work up.Brass is Lapua and if you can't source locally Paul at Kent Ammo Supplies is very helpful/good on price.view his website.Richard.

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    ive got some new lapua brass here if thats any good my hme number is 01263732740 ill look after you on the price

    can do the dies as well

    atb mark
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    I really like the Forster dies for mine. I tend to use varget or n140 for most loads for 120 to 140 grain. Primers I would go for cci as they have a thicker cup. It's a great calibre!!

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    Hi guys,
    sorry to but in on your chat but Mark how much are you doing 6.5x47 brass for?

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    Hi scot Lapua is 100 per 100 I have got 200 here same lot if that's any good
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