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Thread: 22 hornet or 223 for rabbit and fox

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    22 hornet or 223 for rabbit and fox

    Hi all.. Selling my 17 hmr due to the affect of wind on those windy nights. Can't decided what to get 22 hornet or 223? I'm going to reload and need a cheap easy reload.. Just thinking 223 may be to much for rabbits.. Need help please guys.. Wot you all think? Cheers

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    I love my .223 and do use it on some crows and some rabbits, but it's a bit heavy-handed for rabbits, but great for fox.

    have you thought about .204 Ruger?

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    get the good all rounder .222 you can head shoot rabbits no problem can drop charlie easely and can be used for roe deer in scotland onley 100fps difrence from 223 but longer neck on the .222 guves better acurace in my book

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    .223 Sako for me all day long. Charlie doesn't walk away and good enough 80-100 yard head shots on rabbit (doesn't leave much of the head in tact) use 55 grain balistic tips. In fairness never shot the .22 hornet

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    and if you get a .222 brno fox, you and bewsher can set up a club based on finding 30mm rings for them! :-p

    TBH, .222, .223 are both good choices and are plentiful on the shelves so you can find a good deal somewhere - have a look at savage if you buy new - they're very nice! otherwise both the tikka's and the CZ's/BRNO's are excellent.

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    hi i got 22 hornet and 223.i shot rabbits and fox with both but you can shoot deer with 223.i love the hornet but 223 good all round .cheep to cz gives me sub inch at 100yard .

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    to be fair all you need to do with your HMR is restrict your shot distance when its particularly windy, going centerfire for rabbits assumes you don't shoot many as lets face it you really wouldn't want to be doing 100 shots a night through a centerfire bunny bashing. The effort to reload or the cost pf buying the ammo would cripple you.
    So really it comes down to foxes and a few rabbits then I'd have the .223 every time, loads of guns about easy availability of ammo and a very nice foxing round. Rabbits well they can still then come under the phrase Ballistic test media if you really want to shoot some but for eating the last gun I'd go out with is a centerfire

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    The 22 Hornet is marginal even for fox! I used a 22 Hornet many years ago, two decades plus, to shoot rabbits.

    Did only one ever headshot and misplaced the shot it took the rabbit's jaw off but didn't kill it. Fortunately we had a dog so it was quickly gathered and then dispatched. But no I would consider ONLY the 223 or, as others say, the 222 for a fox rifle. Plus the added benefit of being "useful" on smaller deer such as muntjac.

    However as said also if you centre a rabbit with a 223 there won't likely be much left of it! Did it once and the front leg was found about three feet from the back leg and the rest of the rabbit never was found.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    The 22 Hornet is marginal even for fox!
    Sorry mate, have to disagree.
    The Hornet is great on foxes. I have shot more than I can count with my Various K Hornets over the years, as well as quite a few animals significantly bigger.
    A hornet is a great round on all small game. It is superseded by the 222, 223, however I find hornets a Joy to shoot and own. Esp a Nice European manufactured rifle like an Anschutz or Weihrauch.
    If your shot placement is such you cant kill a fox at normal shooting ranges (ie 150-200m) I doubt switching to a 223 is going to help you much.

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    anything can be a fox rifle.
    the only variable is the distance at which you can comfortably and without concern, drop your fox.

    they are not that tough!

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