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Thread: pecar scopes

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    pecar scopes

    Hi anybody know much about them ? i believe they are a good quality scope ?

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    I had a look through one the other day and thought it was quite good, Macloeds have 2 in second hand at the moment.


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    There good scopes, they were standard FC issue for years, I've still a 6x42 on my 243.
    I'm not sure if you can still get them new or not .

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    i have one on my .308 very pleased with it.

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    i hav had pecar most of my rifle life
    but once i found that pecar were getting more unattainable, then i started to change my scope set up
    but they were a trully fantastic scope and took what ever stick i gave them
    they even had an interchangeable reticule , but now they hav outpriced themselves and made it to expensive to buy 2nd hand with the view to renovate at a sensible price
    can't even say if there is a main dealer still left in the UK
    just beware buying 2nd hand scopes, especaily if you don't hav shopnear you that can help if things goes tits up
    i luv pecar just not the after care sales

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    Most people with a Pecar tend to love it. I bought one cheaply as a back up scope maybe 5 years ago. I fitted it a few weeks ago when my little Simmons let go. Optics are almost as good as Ziess, very bright indeed. As for effectivenes, once I got it zeroed I put 14 rounds through a hole .44x.75 at 50 yards with a 10/22 using Eley subbies some of which were going supersonic. I can see why they are so loved by stalkers especially.


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    they were bought out by schmidt and bender who i beleve the forestry now use

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    pecar scopes

    try EMMA custom rifles in Darlington, they have quite a few second hand pecars for sale. have a look on there website .

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    Had a look at that website some time ago. Way over priced for old Pecars. especially when the parent co has gone and there's no spares and repairs back-up. They were good scopes, but I'll not be paying that kind of money for oldies. My 4-10 would shift zero between mag settings and the reticle on the 6x shattered (they're not glass-etched). Thankfully in those days you could buy spare reticles.

    Shame to see the company go.

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    Pecar Scopes


    I have a Kassnar Beta 3 4x10x42 which were actually built by Pecar. It is also unique in that it has an intergral spirit level built into it. The optics are excellent but the coatings are very soft, so clean with care. Mine sits on my AA S210 and I had it reparallexed to 50 yds years ago. It is a nice bit of glass and cost about 150 10+ yrs ago.

    Recently I came across an advert (? gun mart ) for new Pecar Scopes. The company was/ were/are based /in Berlin.


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