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Thread: home load certificate entries

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    home load certificate entries

    what does every one do about showing ammunition use on thier certs.

    the guy at the reloading suppliers sujested that i make the entries myself as i make the home loads.

    any sujestions?


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    I have the expanded heads entered on my licence.

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    I have re-loaded bullets for over 40 years and have NEVER put an entry on my cert .
    Our Police Firearms Dept. are aware that I re-load as I once had a visit from them to ask if anyone had given me any bullets as I had more in stock than the last time my FAC was in for a variation .
    I took the Sergeant downstairs to my workshop and showed him my set-up .
    Nowadays bullet heads are entered by the shop when purchased and providing we are sensible and do not have numbers of loaded bullets in excess of certificate allowance all should be fine .
    Our local police are sensible and do not count bullet heads as ammunition .


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    This seems an interesting subject and does seem to be different depending on what region you are in.

    Im in Thames Valley and my local supplier will supply me as many Expanding Heads as i want...but dont put them on my licence...

    But i fill in the bullet numbers as and when i reload...

    Is this the same as anywhere else..????..

    what do your regions ask for????


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    Richard P.
    That seems to be a very lax and totally unsuitable approach by both the dealer and your Police .

    If you were a terrorist you would be able to produce unlimited quantities of ammunition without any means of control or check .


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    when i buy mine they enter the heads on my ticket

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    Up here in Cumbria some gun shops enter expanding heads on to my FAC and some don't but they all enter them in there own dealer book .
    Last year i was down at reloading solutions in Oxfordshire and was shown the home office guide lines for expanding heads and it did not say that you have to have them entered on your FAC.
    If you want to put them on your self so be it but i don't and nether do i put home loads on to my certificate . I have reloaded for years and never had a problem from any of the police or civilian firearm officers
    who have checked my renewals if they have asked i tell them i reload and if they want they can have a look at my reloading bench ?.

    As for Terrorist do you think that they would bother about applying for a FAC in the first place . if i wanted a lot of bullet heads the technology to make cast or full metal jacket or soft point rifle rounds is freely available
    and not that hard to do.
    I make my own bullet heads for some of my rifles just for fun .

    I reload for .22 Hornet ,308 ,303, 357, .444 Marlin


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator
    when i buy mine they enter the heads on my ticket
    So are you only allowed to buy your stated quantity as on your F.A.C or can you buy as many as you like..??


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    There is no legal requirement for a dealer to enter the sale of expanding or other heads onto your licence. It's purely one police force being more 'itchy' than another - the dealer wishing to apease them.

    One of my dealers does and two others don't.

    It is however his responsibility to confirm that you have the authority to buy expanding and that he does not sell you more than you are allowed to purchase.

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    Most dealers add entries for bullets onto the certificate, so buy 200 bullets - reload them and enter them again = 400!

    All reloading does is add a case, power and primer behind the bullet, if it on your certificate no problem, if it isn't are you selling or transferring them - that the criteria used to enter them onto a certificate.

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