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    There are always great pics on the site taken by members.

    I am currently working on a project for the University of the Highlands & Islands [UHI], I am putting together/ revamping the Gamekeeping/wildlife management course materials. One of the things I'm working on is getting the material online so students can access them via the UHI website and it is hoped people may take the modules independantly as CPD or as preparation for DMQ etc.

    So I'm on the scrounge for images, deer, stalking, landscape, dogs etc etc. not too gorry but have to be realistic and following best practise. ie wearing ppe on a quad. decent larder, blah, blah blah Although an odd minor faux pas maybe ok as it will let us know whether the studenys are on the ball.
    I'm particularly keen on some deer dog images, as deer dogs haven't been part of the working dog module, links to youtube films could be good as well [keep it clean!]. Also any links to journals, papers concerning dogs and deer would be handy.

    Unfortunately, I can't pay for them but you will get the copyright credit listed on the image.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Will see what I've got.

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    Thanks for all the pm,s so far

    Could do with a good portrait shot of

    blood hounds

    Cheers again

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    Hi Bambi,

    Here's a pic of an HPR for you, she's a Birkenwald German Shorthaired Pointer, hope this helps your project.

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    Your free to use this my BMH, Sika.

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    Thanks everyone, as usual a great response.

    could maybe do with a fallow and some red hind portraits.

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