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    I'm struggling to get my rifle/scope to zero bang in the middle of the target. It'll group nicely about and inch or so away from the POA and after adjust the the reticle the POI never seems to move to exactly where I want it, i.e the middle of the bull. As I say the groupings are really good. It's a a new rifle with maybe about 45 rounds gone through at this stage. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried the cleaning the barrel approach after each shot, and then every 5 shots, and I've tried just leaving it with out cleaning. It's a .308 Howa, I've tried several brands of factory amminition and I'm now considering reloading my own. It's getting a bit expensive and frustrating keeping on throwing lead at the target. I just want to be confident that the bullet is going where I want it to.

    Do I just need to let it 'run in and settle down on it's own?'

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    If you are getting nice groups consistently and in same place its not likely a rifle issue.

    As you describe it, sounds more like an issue with the adjustment on your scope.. Have I misread?

    What scope do you have and is it a known performer on another rifle?

    If I'm barking up the right tree, try fixing your rifle firmly ( without damaging ) one of the purpose cradles nice if have, but a padded Workmate, sandbags or at a push rolled up jackets/ cardboard box with a couple of cut outs will do. Key is to be able to hold rifle steady whilst pointing at a 'target'.

    A target with a central aim point and some visible grids is ideal - nothing fancy needed. With rifle steady/fixed, dial in 4-8 clicks on elevation whilst observing the apparent movement of the reticule on the target through the scope. You should see the cross hairs move accordingly. Remember that the adjustments are rated at 100 yds/metres - so if doing at a closer range the actual movements will be smaller. If elevation tracks ok then try the windage in the same way.
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    Had a similar problem could .nt get my 243 bang on but it was grouping ok about a inch two inch away , I contacted a guy from coriniun rifle range on here and he sold me some wipe out cleaning products I was cleaning the barrel but never proper clean so I used these products as directed by him and it sure solved it shooting bang on now with 0.5 group with factory ammo worth a try anyway if your not cleaning with wipe out

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    Thanks I'll try that. Yes I do believe it is scope adjustment, it's a Simmons Whitetail and came with the rifle as a package, I know it's not exactly the Rolls Royce of scopes however I can't afford/justify a more expensive one with the amount of stalking that I do.

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    have you run out of elevation/windage adjustment?

    if it is grouping nicely why cant you move the POI to where you want?
    not sure I follow

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    if the turret turns you've still got elevation/windage. if you have a scope with say 1/8moa per click, you need 8 clicks to move 1" at 100yds. if you're zeroing at 50yds for whatever reason, you need 16 clicks. sometimes you think the scopes not working, but all you need is to double or treble the number of clicks to 'get it moving'.

    one of my S&B's is 1cm/100m per click, but I know from experience that the windage is more like 0.5cm per click whereas the elevation is 1" per click. GOD KNOWS HOW,,but it's true every time I zero it on another rifle - LOL...

    I suggest if you're 2" left, crank it three times too much right as you expect and see if it marks a significant move the other other side of the POA, if it does, just go back halfway, if it DOESN'T,,,get rid of it and get another scope!

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    Your answer could be in the terms bought in a package . I have a friend who bought a package and the scope was damaged internaly he couldnt get it to zero .
    Try another scope if you can as you have tried the adjustment route .


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    never paid much attention to the click per unit written on the turret.
    keep turning until it ends up where it is meant to be!

    I dont twiddle in the field so increments are irrelevant really. its a tap. treat it as one

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    I had the same problem with a scope.

    In the end instead of making slight changes I turned the adjustment about twenty clicks, and it moved.

    Some budget scopes have a bit of slack in the rail, and you can only make positive adjustments in one direction, so, if you have gone too far, turn it back a long way, then turn it slowly in the desired direction again.

    Another thought is that you could have run out of adjustment.
    Try moving the POI away from the direction you want, and if it moves in a controlled manner, it means you have run out of travel.
    If that's the case try swapping the mounts around and see if it improves things.


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    get a scope with 1/8 ajustments rather than 1/4 it will give you finer ajustments or try looking down a bore sighter ajust your scope all the way up then down side to side and see if it returns to the point you started if not or your point of aim climbes but at an angle your scope is no use

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