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Thread: Oversleeves

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    Not seen these before I saw lwcdart use these and thought they were a great idea (plastic tubes with elasticated ends for covering up your forearms and wrists).

    They're very handy for hygiene and staying clean when gralloching and butchering, I found them on Ebay:

    Only 150 per 100 including postage. The seller managed to send me foot covers by accident, so I've got 100 of them too.

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    Made from polythene i see....won't they get slippery with blood. Will they be safe holding a plastic knife handle?

    I wonder if they do them in latex?

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    I have just orderd a set thanks.

    They only cover from your glove up your sleave and you wear normal gloves with them.


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    I use over the arm disposable gloves (all the way to the armpit). They are polythene and slippy so a pair of nitrile gloves over the top gives you perfect grip.


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