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Thread: my eagles first free flight

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    my eagles first free flight

    hi ,guys , a short video of my steppe eagles first free flight , it might not look much but its been a year in the making
    she was nine months old when i got her and she was in a hell of a state , no tail , and stripped primaries,and as wild as stink
    she was the victim of a marriage break up , the owner put her in an enclosure and then moved out , only retuning to feed her everyday,

    i imped a new tail and fed her up , let her moult this summer and then spent endless hours winning her trust
    resulting in tonights free flight , but this is just the end of the beginning , next up getting her entered

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    yeah , its a good start

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    Well done Brian and good on you for giving her a chance. I adore Birds of Prey but know buggar all about them.
    If i get some spare cash i would like to go out hunting with the Falconry centre in the Dales.
    Keep us posted on how you progress with her please.
    Do you intend to Hunt with her?


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    yeah , i am hoping she will take hare , just need to get her soaring now

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    Very interesting that.I met Gerald Summers at game fair in West Wales years ago ,He had a Spanish Golden Eagle which promptly tried to sink its talons into my Springer!

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