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Thread: British Army Surplus Gore tex boots

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    British Army Surplus Gore tex boots

    Saw these on ebay, British army surplus and look excellent value for money, anyone tried any in service or know anyone that has used them for stalking? Might be worth a punt for my next pair?


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    The advert was doing well until I got to the postage... T###ers. Have seen some lads with these or similar seem good value for money.

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    I asked a mate to get me a pair of issue boots, his words were. Buy altbergs that's what we do!
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    I have a pair, seem well made and have kept the water out even while paddling.
    But I have only warn them a few times as I don't like the high leg, bought them just to try
    a higher leg and found them to stiff for me, normally I wear ordinary ankle high walking boots.
    If anybody wants them, size 8, 35 posted seems fair as they have a couple of marks in the leather from brambles.


    EDIT: Build date 02/2007
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    55 posted for a new pair of Goretex boots seems pretty good value.

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    But, try to check the date of production- numbers stamped into or near the tongue

    Reasons; Life of the sole

    I had a pair of original Pro Boots- red liner. - whilst serving. Absolutely brilliant

    Bought a new pair, ex army surplus, Grey liner. Soles crumbled/fell apart/split within 3 months of moderate stalking wear.

    Replaced with never worn standard leather BCH (passed over by a mate who held them back but never wore them) Soles fell apart after a few weeks.

    Asking around it seems this is common to boots at the end of their "store" life.

    If you're "in" and have had them issued they get replaced, no quibble- if a private purchase, no way!

    Like most things you can be ok but not always

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    55 posted for a new pair of Goretex boots seems pretty good value.
    Thats what I thought, beats the 150 - 200+ average you seem to find these days for a goretex boot, so what if they don't live up to the expectations of a top end boot if you haven't paid the top end price you won't be too disappointed...vibram soles are pretty good in my experience, although one of mine has developed quite an irritating squeak and not sure where it has come from .....

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    bought a pair of german army gortex mountain boots off the bay for 29 excellent bit of kit


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    Yeah, + 1 for the old pro boots if you can still find them around. I used them for years before I started getting Lowas. Pro's def a great low cost quality boot for the money they were/are.

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    look for matterhorns on ebay they are the mutts!

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