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Thread: Red Stags

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    Red Stags

    Hi to All

    Have some days left in Oct on the Bonny banks of Loch Lomond
    Accomodation on site
    350 per 1st Stag 2nd 250
    Yearlings free !
    Got to be reasonably fit as quite steep
    You wont be dissappointed !
    P.M for more details and dates available

    Regards William

    P.S This Stag taken last Monday with hinds
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 058.jpg  

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    Village called Arrochar !
    Mile from Tarbet

    Regards William

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    Yeah i know it very well, have done some shooting there in the past, shot my first hind and stag there in fact.
    Is your surname Merriles?

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    Hi yes that is my surname
    Was beat ranger there for 22 years !


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    Im guessing you will know Nicol and robert mcissac to name a few chaps.
    I also know Jason who lives in the succoth, he stalker at ardkinglas.

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    Hi there

    Know Jason alright have heard of the others but never met them

    Regards William

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    Hi can you do wed 10th Oct Please can get there by 8:30 Glasgow so say 10:30 flyback 21;00
    will be bringing a south african with me to shoot.

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    Hi there

    Working with wood deer that are active first thing in morning and last thing at night
    So think it will be too tight
    Dont want to waste your time or mine !
    If you could stay over on the 10th then you will have a better chance

    Regards William

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    I remember stalking my first stags with you Willy, must have been 1995. Great to hear you're still in the area. Will definitely book for next season.

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