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Thread: Poor customer service

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    Angry Poor customer service

    Hi guys,
    Now this is not a gripe (ok it is), but has anyone else had any issues getting info from the Beretta and leupold importers GMK?
    Would be interested to know
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    Had terrible service from them trying to get a new stock for my fathers EELL after he cracked it. Took 4 months longer than quoted, missed a whole shooting season with it and cost 50 % more than originally estimated.
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    Don't get me started on them I no numerous people who have had issues with them I've lost count they are IMO the worst importer we have in this country

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    I've found them very helpful as regards information but as regards customer service that is another matter and one where they need to do some work.
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    Great if you want advise crap if you want a rifle told i had to wait 9 months for a laminated 6.5 not good enough

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    I’ve inadvertently chose to deal with them on 3 occasions after opting to buy some middle to high end Beretta's.

    On all 3 occasion they have made a royal f*ck up of it. The first time they sent 7 guns before an acceptable gun arrived, then second time took 4 attempts, the last time 6 attempts.

    Never once did they offer compensation even though i was speaking to one of the main directors at GMK. (Who in my personal opinion could'nt have been more of an arrogant, unhelpful, condescending bawbag if he had tried)

    After all of this i have swore never to buy a Beretta ever again, despite the fact i really do like them... the customer service has just put me off altogether.

    Anyone thinking about dealing with GMK & anticipating a positive outcome can think again.
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    This should be sent on to Beretta. Otherwise they will remain ignorant of the issue.

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    The main trouble I have had with GMK is that if they don't already have the product in the country they don't seem to know when the stock they order is coming in... Or rather they think they know but it is often completely wrong.

    For example... you want a particular rifle, order it at a dealer, the dealer rings up GMK - "sorry, none in the country but we have 3 coming in on XXXX"..... XXXX comes and no gun. "Sorry, they weren't on the shipment.... they are now coming in on YYYY".... YYYY comes and goes.... and so on for months.

    I have had the same with Edgars incidentally. I don't know whether the blame lies with the importers or the manufacturers but I can never get my head around how something so 'controlled' as firearms can simply not turn up in a shipment?!

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    What I suspected

    I have been having serious issues and think that the manufacturers they represent should be informed of just how bad their service really is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    This should be sent on to Beretta. Otherwise they will remain ignorant of the issue.
    Beretta own 20% of GMK.

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