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Thread: 4-16x50 S&B Klassik Precision Hunter

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    4-16x50 S&B Klassik Precision Hunter

    I have found this brand new scope which i have been lusting for many years now for 895

    Schmidt & Bender Klassik 4-16 x 50 Precision Hunter
    Mil dot ret
    Bullet drop nob
    Paralex nob

    Brand new and pristine order.

    To me, that is the best price i have seen.
    I assume the the Klassik refers to the fact that it was made in Hungry rather than Germany. Is that correct? Is it a good price? and shall i go mad and buy it?

    Your thoughts please gents.

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    As far as i,m aware all the top range like that are all german made,i have the zenith brilliant scopes as they all are ,sounds like a good price if its a precission hunter.

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    I have had a Precission hunter for a few years, they are made in Germany. If you don't want that one let me know were it is

    Best rgds


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    double post, site playing up.

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    Classic has nothing to do with Hungary. It is just from the classic range.
    I think they only made fixed mag scopes in Hungary.
    Great price, actually brilliant. I used to have a 4-16x50 and loved it.
    Only downside is that this scope has very little adjustment range.
    Just get the mounts on nice and straight and all is fine.
    Go for it.


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    I have had the 4-16 x 50 Long Range in the past and yes the amount of adjustment was very limited. I got rid of it in the end for that reason.

    However the Precision Hunter model is a totally different animal designed for long ranging so has alot more adjustment.

    That is a very good price. Macleod's had one for sale as per your description for 895 but when I rang up for it it had gone already. He also had one for 795 used but mint but this did not have the mil dot ret. That has gone too.

    If you are considering it I would defo buy it if I were you as it is a mega good price (like going back in time 8 or so years).

    Let us know how you get on.

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