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Thread: Nordik Predator Competition Trip

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    Nordik Predator Competition Trip

    A couple months ago I found out that I had won the Nordik Predator Game Calling Competition. The competition comprised of using one of the Nordik Predator calls to lure in specific game and then take a photo of the kill with the call that was used. Also you were asked to write a short story about how you got the kill, what happened, what calibre of rifle you used etc. The story I wrote was about when I called two adult foxes in the middle of the day with their Nordik Crying Bird Call. I entered this competition a bit late and thought I didn't have much of a chance of winning, There were 24 prizes ranging from dvds to trips hunting abroad, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    To my amazement I won the first prize! I couldn't believe it, I get to go to Sweden to hunt a bull moose for 2 days all paid for and my photo and story will get published in the Swedish hunting magazine Jaktmarker och Fiskevatten.

    I've just got back and had an brilliant time! I had 2 days of hunting and saw a lot of moose, capercallie and black grouse. The method we were hunting was with a moose hunting dog that bays the moose so that we can stalk in to take the shot. I had to do a moose hunting test where I had to go to a shooting range to shoot a moose target free stand at 80m and do it with a running target as well, i have never shot at a running target before but really enjoyed it and would love if we did it here in the UK. The first morning I was out with Nordik Predator call designer (Robert). I was so close to getting a big bull moose with him but the wind had turned and the bull got are scent and ran off, the dog went after it again but gave it up. The owner of Nordik Predator (P-A) was out hunting this morning by himself and shot a yearling bull and a calf. By the afternoon the day weather was wonderful but too hot for the dogs so I was asked if I wanted to go out with his pointer to try for capercallie or black grouse but had no luck, i did see some though in the distance. Next morning I was out with P-A and was a quiet one, the dog got on an track and followed a moose for some distance but wasn't able to bay it so we never got to see what it was. The afternoon was my last chance of getting a moose so this was it. It didn't take long before the dog was on a track, we could see on the GPS that the dog was 600m in front of us and only 10 minutes later we could hear the dog barking and both of us had a big smile on are faces. We stalked into the area where the were and got within a 100m but couldn't see them, a few minutes went on and I saw the dog running then I saw the bull moose! I quickly got ready and leaned against a tree. It was very difficult to get a shot as there were so many trees in the way but eventually I could see the chest so I squeezed the trigger... it just stood there! I could the see the blood pumping out of its chest. At this point I wanted to get it down as quick as possible, the dog was still baying it so it wasn't going anywhere. The bull started to move forward and I could see a nice gap through the trees, I thought when I see its neck in the gap I'm going to take the shot. I had to wait to take the shot because the dog was running in front of the moose, as soon as the dog moved out the way I took the shot and it dropped on the spot with aloud thud. I had shot my first moose! A 9 pointer bull moose! I couldn't believe it. We used the 6 wheeler to get it out the forest, the chain broke while trying to drag it so we needed to get help to fix it but it was fixed fast. That night we had a bit of a celebration

    Next morning I got a tour around the Nordik Predator warehouse before getting my flight where they made the calls which was very interesting and they gave a big goodie bag of calls and dvds They also showed me their Game enclosure which had Bison, mouflon, fallow and red deer. They had a very nice 22 pointer red stag.

    It was an amazing experience, made great friends and a dream come true.


    Me and my moose

    Shooting at the range

    Dragging My moose out

    22 pointer stag in the enclosure

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    Congrats all round I think.

    Also a great read. Thanks for the pics
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    what a cracking read and exellent that you managed your first moose,atb wayne
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    i read about the competition yesterday and thought some lucky buggers going to have a great time. Congrats mate bet you loved it, and great read.
    Are you getting the moose mounted?

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    I'm envious, I have wanted to do this hunt for years, I'm booked on a similar hunt in December. Well done!

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    Thanks for the write up and well done a trip of a lifetime

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    Hi brent
    if you have your moose sholder mounted n hung on the wall at your house , the end of the house will fall over ! ! !
    what a great story , your dad's been telling me all about what you were up to . take care n talk soon

    all the best


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    Well done Brent, thats one fantastic competition to win!!! Great write up
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    Congratulations on winning the competition. Looks like you had a brilliant trip! Thanks for posting.

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