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Thread: Long term quality stalking fixed blade knife

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    Long term quality stalking fixed blade knife

    Hi guys

    Any thoughts or recommendations on a decent quality knife for stalking to use primarily on small to medium size deer occasionally larger species

    Dont want to hack at smaller species but at the same time enough meat on the blade to split a rib or two.

    Prefer English made with a handle that can be sterilised

    Your thought and info as always greatly appreciated

    So many out there to choose from ?


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    Whilst not English the Buck Zipper is what I use reasonable quality keeps a good edge and can be put in the dish washer. If you want to split ribs though I would take another cheapo knife as a back up and use that. Frosts make a good one. Nothing worse than trying micro surgery on a small munty in the half light with a blunt edge.

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    Cold Steel Hunter, buck zipper or Vanguard.

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    Personally I've lost a few knives, so I normally opt for a cheap mora... however I have managed to hang on to a Buck Alpha Hunter for about 10 years - 50 and it's a great knife! Rarely loses it's edge and only takes a stroke of a diamond sharpener to get it back again!

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    Buck Diamondback, aprox 27, good rubberised handle with excellent grip, strong well proportioned blade which takes a reasonable edge. Dishwasher safe. Can't go wrong buy 2 just in case.


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    pm dougster on here

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    Cold Steel Hunter or Boker, have a look at Moonraker Knives he has got every thing,knows what he is talking about and will have a deal.

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    I am afraid to say all my decent knives are foreign.

    I have a Bill Moran by Spyderco, an EKA Swingblade (Which is brilliant) and a Mora 2010.

    I use the EKA for larder work mainly as I don't like the sheath for sterilization purposes.

    The Bill Moran is wonderful and has the best steel of any of my knives but the blade is a bit wide for cutting in the anal passage of small deer.

    So for me the best all round knife that I own, and I am a self confessed knife addict, is the Mora 2010. It is not perfect but will take a good edge, keep it, and both it and the sheath can be dishwashered at nuclear levels.

    But I do hanker after an F1 G3.


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    Cold Steel good - like the Pendleton Hunter.

    Mora - an industry standard, but coming more and more to dis-favour scandi-grind for a hunting blade.

    Stating connection again - friend of and do business with Dougster - but his work is in a different league from a shelf bought knife. Yet to find anyone ( even me! ) that left behind one of his blades The stabilised handles will clean up perfectly and yet give stunning beauty and mind boggling range of options.
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