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Thread: sauer 202 barrels

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    sauer 202 barrels

    i am looking for a replacement barrel for boar to fit on a 202, the barrel is 25 06 at the moment whats out there and how much any information would be gratefully received

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    Not everyone likes them but Paul at Garlands can pretty much tell you everything about Sauer.


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    gunshop rugby have a 7x64 barrel in threaded for a sauer 202


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    I think Border barrels may be able to do a 9.3 x 62.

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    Sauer 202s are brilliant! I have one in 25.06 with a 30.06 barrel for boar, except in France where that calibre is still not legal. That, I understand, is due to change shortly however.

    Magazine and bolt stay the same.


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    Appreciate it must sound like I'm Steve Beaty's love child ( but one of us is far to handsome to have shared genes... ), but Ivythorn can be a font of knowledge and supply on all things Sauer.

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    As Jagdmatch said, Border Barrels make barrels to fit the Sauer action. No experience with the Sauer, but I had my rifle fitted with one of their cur rifled barrels, shoots very well.

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    I'm not Steve's love child either but he has a couple of 202 barrels at Ivythorn Sporting at the moment that are boar calibres.

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