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Thread: Butt out gadget

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    Butt out gadget


    I was watching a couple of videos on the butt out tool last night and thought it looked very easy

    Do any peple who have actually used it have any comments?

    Thanks in advance

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    Never used one myself but I do remember previous postings on this site about the device and it looks like it didn't receive approval from many. Try a search using the site search facility and read it for yourself.
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    Rubbish, used mine once then threw it in the bin.

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    Use one all the time. Quick, clean, and you don't slice fingers. Brilliant gadget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Parsons View Post
    Use one all the time. Quick, clean, and you don't slice fingers. Brilliant gadget.
    Perfect review I used it a number of times I found it to be great on fallow and sika for the price and the fact its light weight its a great piece of kit.

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    Yep, had a couple for about 5 years, once you get use to it it's great.

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    Thanks guys appreciate the feedback

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    Speaking as a pragmatist, if it works for you then go for it.

    I've never seen a need for one myself, especially since and FC friend showed me how to do it properly. His grallochs are almost surgical! I suppose thats what happens when you do a several hundred annually.

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    given one, used it once, left it in the gralloch, best place for it.

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