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Thread: I've shot my first Roe Buck!

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    I've shot my first Roe Buck!

    Pictures to follow but....

    I shot my first Roe Buck Wednesday night on my local perm!

    I left the house at around half six (slightly early considering its only 2 miles up the road!) but when l got into the yard l got into a conversation with the farmer about the little pains in the a**** that whip up and down his tracks from town on their motorbikes....anyhow after nearly an hour talking i got on my way with the .308 on my back (Zero'd in the day before when l finished work early!)..

    Walked around the meadows for nearly and hour and ended up walking up the side of a coppice ( a kind of nature belt/set-aside rough piece when l was a large Muntjack Buck running straight towards me from a field away on the other side of coppice . Standing still it ran within 20yards and carried on through the coppice (nice head on it too!)

    Walked another 50yards to a cut through and saw a fox -well it saw me first (its a vixen with cubs in a old culvert - so left her alone - and then got to my high seat which is central in between two grass fields that have been left to grow, with a still wind l though i wouldn't see anything. But about twenty past 8, when l was getting ready to get down and pack in, he walked out the hedge about 150yards down and started walking straight towards me - at 80yards he stopped l think he could smell me but he was dropped on the spot.

    As i say pic's on way but he's currently in my dads garage ready for skinning tomorrow! Heads not symmetrical in any way but he's a 4 pointer - and in very good condition, after getting rid of the green, i reckon he weighs around 40-45kg at least!

    I'll be watching one of the dvd's l have that explain how to prepare a head (as i say he's not a medal) but its my first so why not!

    Out tonight to see if l can drop the Munty too! BBQ tomorrow and l would like to get some mincing done for some burgers!


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    tommo well done on your first deer
    nice to know you left the vixen to go about her buisiness
    hope you enjoy many more enjoyable stalks
    regards pete .

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    I took some advice a while back to knock down as many Muntjecks as i could see on the patch and the roe would come....After shooting 10-12 Muntys over the last 12 months (with some 8 left ((that i know of))) has paid off brilliantly. The last day of the Roe Doe season l saw one feeding late one night - and promptly left her in anticipation of some males finding her. I've also seen slots form Fallow for two months, then 2 weeks ago watched one in broad daylight get spooke whilst i was out with the terrier....i think that these are only passing through as the cover is simply not thick enough!

    I would presume that where's there's one Doe there could be more - as the Buck l've shot found her/them perhaps other will too!!

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    Nice one mate.
    You never forget your first buck.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint
    Nice one mate.
    You never forget your first buck.

    Especially if it's a roebuck weighing in at 40-45kgs
    Congrats Tommo, let's hope it's the first of many

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    Well done

    Well done mate

    A nice size too, it'll bbq nicely!


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    Just finished preparing the Buck shot Wednesday - that i've talked about above....

    With the skin/head and other unwanted stuff off, he weighed 38.7kg! dogs loving me today as i've butchered the animal, and boned-out the rump (then steaked it) so shes very happy with her share of two very bones to chew on!

    Shoulders and neck are now mince and will be burgers by 3pm! everything else is in the freezer!

    Missus is at the shop buying beers so we can have a good drink and chill-out ~

    Trying to add pictures!


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    First Buck

    Hi Tommo, this is my first post on the forum, only found it recently and signed up.
    I too shot my first roe buck last Wednesday, in the morning though, up at 4am (not good).
    It only had a single antler on it, there was only a small stump slightly forward of where it should have been.
    It is curently hanging in the fridge in my garage.
    The reason for my post is to ask is there a recommend time to hang before butchering, or is that just a matter of taste? I would like to get some steaks on the barby this weekend too. It was only a young buck, maybe in its second year at most.

    cheers Darren

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    It is all to do with with taste,

    Personally i haven't got a chiller set-up so l tend to hand animals from shot in the skin for at least a couple of days in my dads cool garage. Once you skin, and l'm talking about the smaller species here, i'd skin and butcher in one go - i.e. this morning (taking 3 hours!).

    If you have a chiller some will say that the longer you leave the animal the better it tastes. I think that as i've tasted 'matured' venison as well as freshly prepared - there is a slight difference in tenderness, but its all down to taste/preference....

    You could skin and mince some and hang the rump''s for another week to test it for yourself -

    -the meat tastes lovely - just finished dinner - added some sticky BBQ sauce to the ribs and grilled it - YUM!


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    Tommo , you have a PM

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