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Thread: Hunters and the Hunted - Jules Pretty

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    Hunters and the Hunted - Jules Pretty

    Came across this piece by Jules Pretty today. Real thought provoking piece about why one hunts, why others don't, antis and even the disparity between the "ethical" hunter and the bloodsports man....



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    That's a very good piece. Thanks for the pointer to it.


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    Hi MrMickeyD,

    Thank you a brillant piece

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    That’s pretty good. Three things strike me in that. He points out that the argument rages more around belief-based points than evidence-driven ones, which is often true from both sides, but generally if you can hold back the belief a bit, the evidence just about wins through in the end. His section on hunters being somewhat embarrassed to explain the partly spiritual or emotional reasons for hunting is also correct in my experience, although I try to show this when I can to non-hunters through writing and photos in my game book. It works well, people sort of understand that, even if they say “Oh, poor little bird”. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. We have sympathy for the quarry also, or at least we should.

    Finally, the description of man’s presence making ripples in the woods is interesting as I’ve described it as “the wood going to sleep” after I’ve been there a while, or sometimes waking up again.

    Anyway, thanks.

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    Looks an interesting read but in hardback at 61.75!

    Think I'll go for the paperback at a more reasonable 10.75 plus p&p.

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    Wonderful piece, just bought it in paperback.

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