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    a few years ago when I was younger I didn't know much about guns. I now recall (from another ad) that I sold a 28 bore Arrieta side by side sidelock to a gun (room) in the borders (hint hint). they gave me 350 I think. I was well chuffed...just realised these are probably worth 4K+.

    I feel like I was f***'d over to say the least. shouldn't dealers have the honesty to say "honestly mate, you don't want to sell this!"...

    thinking back on that I feel a little ill,,,or was it the chips I had for lunch from the cafeteria?...suss..

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    I know who you dealt with,dealt with them once. NEVER again


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    ooooo thats a sore one!! bet you wont deal with him again!!

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    Outch! Not pleasant!
    I had a stroke of luck a year or two back, I bought my first .308, a sauer 200, apel mounts, and pretty crappy scope, paid 650. Sold the apels and scope straight off as they were inch rings and I needed 30mm, got about 100 for them, then a couple of years later decided to trade it in for a new 202 elegance. PX price I got for it after 2 years of service was 600, not bad if you ask me, trouble is they got greedy and 2 years later it is still on GT for nearly double what they paid me for it! Good old gun trade, I'm pretty sure this is the only time a gun as earned me money, and it doesn't come close to compensating me for all the money lost on trade-ins in the past, but its a small victory!

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    Venditoris Emptor!

    always a shifty sod willing to make a fast trade.

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    Prices change though, in 2001 I sold on a genuine Enfield Enforcer - it had been my first full bore rifle, from when I started shooting. Complete with Pecar scope, travel box, bi-pod, all matching numbers, sight elements the works - I got about 200 for it. Today that rifle and the stuff with it would fetch well over 3k - hey ho.

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