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    powder scales

    hi lads just looked at a reloading programe on you tube tell me if i have got this rong chap sets up balance on scales 2 chap then removes powder pan and sets scales to 45g then throws 45g in to powder pan and puts back on the scales i do it balance scales set to my desired charge with powder pan still on the scales then throe powder in to a container which gets transported to the scale pan then use trickler to top up to my desired powder charge have i bean doing it rong all this time

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    Not quite sure what you are saying here. Are you talking about digital scales or beam scales. With digital scales you can reset the tare point with or without the pan in place - For example, with a digital scale you could put your empty case on the scale and press the tare or zero button them dump a load of powder into that case and reweigh it and the scale will read just the amount of powder you have put in not the case as well.

    With beam scales you would normally zero the scales by setting the poises to zero, then with the pan in place carefully level the scales with the adjuster foot (most scales) until pointer lines up with the zero mark.

    Then you set your desired charge weight on the scale, say 42 grains. Then take you pan off the scale and dump your main charge from your measure, about 40 grains into the pan and replace the pan on the scale then using your trickler carefully trickle the last couple of grains into the pan until the pointer reaches the zero mark.

    Of course you could use a lee type scoop to tip the main charge into the pan without removing it, everyone has their own ideas and working routine.

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    they are beam scales but the chap on the dvd set his scales to zero then removed the gold pan set his powder waight say 45g on the scales then put 45g in the gold pan then replased on the beam scale i supose you could deduck the waight of the pan but i always set my scales to sero then set my powder charge with the pan still atached to the scale i do as you do use a powder scope then trickle inthe rest his way just seamed not right when i vewed it

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    Thats not a problem if he has zeroed his scales with the pan in position first. Once the scales are zeroed it dosn't matter if the pan is in place or not when he sets the poise for the desired weight. (also aways good practice to use check weight to confirm your scale are accurate before use)

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