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    spotting scope

    I have been managing fine with binnys for a while, but have a hankering after a decent spotting scope, I have been unlucky, missing a good one here and on ebay. About half of my stalking is open heather moor for roe and reds and i think the additional magnification would help. I am thinking swarovski draw scope, as it is compact and looks to be ideal for my needs.

    Prices seem to go from 500 - 1200 for these, so two questions:

    One, do i need one, would it be helpful? ( in know i dont NEED one, i am managing fine, so the question is probably does anyone here use one and what do they think) I think i want one!

    Two, does anyone know of a good used one or cheaper new one available now?



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    Ctc 30x75 on here this week for 520 quid. May be sold but have a look.

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    Hi Biffo, i have had a good look but cannot see this one, can you please send me the link, i would snap it up at that price.



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    I wouldn't discount a 30x75 Optolyth.

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    I have a Schmidt&Bender 15-60x50 three draw that I might be persuaded to part with.

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    i use Swarovski ats 65 hd with a 20-60 zoom eye piece mainly for assessing trophy quality on cwds and roe bucks
    i didn't really need one and could manage with bins but it's nice to have one and it does save me time and a fair bit of walking
    one good thing about a good named brand is that if in the future you find it surplus then they are fairly easy to sell
    regards andy

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