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    plum pudding liver

    Hi, I have some good pics of a hinds liver from last season which was covered with 1cm+ diam granular(calcium like) concretions. The labs report found nothing of interest which was of interest itself , but by the time the labs came back the carcass was done anyway. I'm not sure how to share these pics with the forum but if i could get a pm with aweb address i could E-mail

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    Hi pitiliedon
    You have a pm and I will post for you.

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    Here are the photos of the liver. As you can see some of the concretion patches are actually within the substance of the liver. I put this down to a massive parasitic infection, as they resolved have become mineralised with calcium salts. THe author of the pictures informed me that it felt gritty when he was cutting into it. I would think a dog tapeworm.

    Plum pudding liver. ( telangiectasis ) This is caused by local ischaemia ( loss of blood to that part of the tissues )

    Thanks to pitiliedon

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