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Thread: New Highseats and Their View

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    New Highseats and Their View

    I was lucky to get my hands on the first of a few highseats last week that Wayne (Mereside) has made for me. I can honestly say the workmanship is second to none! Best metal free standing seats I have seen to be honest.

    Here is one that is partially up and the view from it. This field has sika on it about 4 or 5 times a day...

    Attachment 19327Attachment 19328

    This wooden one was kindly built for me by the local Borders College students doing their gamekeeping course. I am friendly with their lecturer (thanks Allan) and they wanted the practice! So for the cost of the timber they came up with this and then insisted on coming to the estate to erect it! They were in a rush on this occasion to get home but they have said they will be back in the hope of seeing a few deer and learning a bit about them.

    Attachment 19329Attachment 19330Attachment 19331

    This field is also a favourite for sika, especially in the evenings. Always at very last gasp of light though!

    A big thanks to the college lads (and girl!) for their help and to Wayne for the seats and making the journey to deliver them. I'll post photos of the first deer shot from them!

    The first seat can require a long shot to cover the field but the deer are often out just in front of it, like the one that came out an hour after we had put it up! The wooden one is big enough for a party! Well, 2 adults at least and the furthest shot from it is 158yds, so ideal really.
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    hi Brian only just seen this was out till 12.30 last night delivering seats to bolton and picking up my thar and chamois skins from phil leggit .wow he does some fantasic work.
    thanks for the praise i like to make sure people are happy with what i have made ,i have spent 3 years fine tuning the different seats so they work well ,note must remember not to put long spikes on the bottoms for stoney ground in scotland that was a right mare trying to get that one up shame we didnt manage to finish them both.
    i can say for anyone wanting to shoot sika what a fantastic piece of ground Brian manages he has some lovely animals. we were only on the ground about 4 mins when i spotted my first sika and then a stag . later on we looked at a wollow and the bowling they do so a real eye opener for me these are amazing animals .
    Thanks for inviting me down i really enjoyed meeting you and listening to what you had to say ,look forward to next time ,all the best,wayne
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    Traveling up there on Friday for the weekend. Very hopefull of taking my first Sika to complete the six. Hope to christen one of those seatsFM.

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    Nice Brain i can see my ass warming one of them in the not to distant future lol. Good luck with the rut and i hope all your lads shoot well.

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