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Thread: what first aid equipment do you take?

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    what first aid equipment do you take?


    I was wondering what first aid equipment you guys take with you?
    With regards to the gentleman being shot by his dog made me wonder what people are taking. I take a Torniquet and an Israeli trauma field dressing (got to expect the worst).

    I wonder if its a gap inthe market for someone to make up kits tailored for stalkers and shooters alike.

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    Already done on here.

    You can search and find a supplier.


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    I find these threads so inviting, but don't want to get too drawn in. I have made my views on tourniquets felt elsewhere on the forum and although I do own a couple they are not without significant pain, difficulty in self treatment and can only treat very specific wounds. You'd need one hell of a disposition with a gunshot wound to your upper thigh to calmly go to the pocket where you kept the tourniquet, open the pocket, slip around the leg and then get it sufficiently tight. They are really designed for your army buddy to treat injured comrades, not for self treatment.

    It is always a major compromise how much stuff you are realistically prepared to carry versus the likelihood and severity of injuries you may need to treat. You wouldn't get the chance of many deer with a bloody great backpack full of medical supplies but you would be prepared for everything.

    How far from help are you? 15 mins from the car stalking with a mate then you don't need much stuff. Somewhere very remote with no mobile signal, tell wife you'll ring when you get back after tea - more stuff needed. Even the terrain and your experience plays a lot in what you will carry.

    My take is that for most outdoor activities I am not too far from some help. The most likely injuries you will sustain will be falls and trips. Possible knife injuries. Debris in your eye. Cuts, scrapes and blisters. I'd say a gunshot wound is very very remote. If out for a stalk and you get a blister or some pollen in your eye it can ruin your day. There should be space for 'comfort' items too.

    I have a big dressing, gloves, plasters, eyewash, burn gel, scalpel blade, hypodermic needle, saline pods, haemostatic sachet and a few medicines (Ibuprofen & codeine, antihistamine).

    I will usually have a dressing in a coat pocket too.

    IF you think gunshot wounds are likely you need 2 dressings - there will be an exist wound too.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    A headache tablet ,and some plasters ,I did cut myself on a gralloch once and dressed it with my t shirt being an ex scout I am very resourcefull .

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    Just a bit of bog roll. Use the wrong type of moss on yer arse and you'll start to chaff, and you'll chaff through the trees, over the hill all the way back to the car. Forget gunshot wounds.... chaffed ringpiece is murder.

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    At my age I should be carrying a defibrilator.
    Until now just the mobile phone.

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    Previous posts will show it was something of a key topic for us. Whilst always generates interest - which is good in of itself, that interest seems to peter out fairly swiftly and has little affect of swaying opinion - ie those keen enough do it anyway and threads dont seem to do a lot to encourage others.

    In terms of commercial packs. The market - like many other products - is a minefield with the good, the bad and the ugly being marketed for the nice, the ok and the eye-watering ( prices ) with no clear correlation between the two!

    We carried and tried to develop stalker packs - but commercially just didnt work. The interest didnt translate into purchase. Or if it did, the message was lost and a 4.99 Tesco jobby was the popular choice.

    The position isnt helped for those looking to make a choice as opposed to 'enthusiasts' in that there is a wealth of conflicting information and opinion out there. Often good advice is actually skewed by being given in the wrong context.

    We still do various items and Celox goes reasonably well on courses. But pack expiry dates just dont make it viable for us to openly stock online. We still do specific packs to order for Estates, professionals and the like - but fairly often even that only comes in fits and starts.

    I think Bog Trotter did a post to a thread way back with the most likely injuries you will face - and gunshot wound is waaaaaaaaaay down it!

    In terms of guidance, there's a lot of inadequate tat out there. If comfortable assembling a kit for your needs, then strongly recommend shopping with the likes of St John Ambulance ( good prices and for a great cause ) or SP Services - they simply wont be carrying rubbish stuff.

    And always remember kit is great, but you must know what to do with it!
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    You will never be able to cover every eventuality, so there will always be an element of compromise.

    Imo the best piece of kit you can have, is a good first aid qualification some courses are better than others, look for one that covers the type of injury's a stalker is likely to encounter.

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    in 90% of cases carrying a clean cotton hanky of a decent size is all you will require.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    in 90% of cases carrying a clean cotton hanky of a decent size is all you will require.
    also covers the eventuality of you missing the buck of a lifetime!

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